Adding a media player to your website

At times there may be a need to provide various media to clients through your website, videos & music seem to be the common reasons for implementing such a feature. There are two methods which one can adopt to provide media to clients, one is to use a dedicated streaming server and the other is to use a media player plug-in directly within the website. This tutorial will cover implementing the second of these options, the media player plug-in for your website. The common plug-in to use is Windows Media Player, you need to insert the following code where you would like the media to be presented:

You then replace the value: http://?????????????????????/movie.mpg In the above code to the location of your media on your website. For example, if your media was located in a directory called \\'video\\' and called \\'movie.mpg\\' in the root of your website the path would be: The second option is to use a FlashPlayer as this can reach a wider audience than the windows media player plug-in above. There are a range of flash players which one can use, the least complicated is Wimpy, view the website here: for details on downloading and installing it on your website.

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